Frequently asked Questions & Answers

What's does your basic moving service offer?

All of our moving jobs require a 2 hour minimum. All 20ft & higher require a 4 hour minimum. * 2 men / travel time is included in the hours booked.

Is the start time flexible?

Good Question. Unfortuntaley, becuase clients book weeks sometimes months in advance we ask all of our clients to be conciderate of others needs when requesting additional time last minute. All clients are emailed a chart with the suggested moving durations base on U-Hual recommendations. Mega Men tries their best to always keep an open line of communication with all clients. We understand things come up it's called LIFE, so we plan for the unexpected. You might be running late from picking up the truck. No Worries it happens. Or maybe you're driving from out-of-state and due to traffic your eta is pushed back. Whoosa!!! We want everyone to be safe at all time. We will adjust your time. Sometime we have no control over things for example you scheduled a U-Box but was not given the exact delivery time. Oh-No!! Don't worry. We got this! We believe as long as WE all keep an open line of communication and are flexible. We can work with you. Remember WE want everyone on the same page & most important Happy.

Does your company offer truck rental?

Unfortunately, we do not offer truck rentals.

Are crew members allowed to drive the rental truck?

Good question. Unfortunately due to liability purposes our crews cannot drive your rental truck without the proper documentation. If you wish to hire one of our contract drivers with Mega Men Mover. Please let us know and we will send you a separate quote and agreement for a driver.

What happens if I under estimate my move?

Good question. Unfortunately, becuase other clients book in advance we cannot guarentee any last mintue time extentions however we strive to accomodate our client the best we can. However, if you are flexable and willing to work with us. Our office can arragane another crew to come and complete the job the first crew couldnt. Mega Men Movers - emails all client's a time chart Mega Men Movers - offers FREE walk-thoughts If the client still under estimates, we will try our best to accommodate by extending your current crew or sending you a new crew as available.

What happens if I over estimate my moving duration?

Good question. When a reservation is made crew members are being reserved in advance. We operate via "time reserved" system. Which means no refunds will be given if the job is completed in less time then booked.

Can the crew recieve Tips or Gradittude?

Yes. Our crews are greatful & appreciate any tips or gratitude, however please note this is at the client's discretion and is not obligated and IS NOT apart of the hourly rate.